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Moisture and density profile measurement in whole cigarettes - without destroying the cigarette

Tobacco leaves
Tobacco leaves

During the production of cigarettes, the density of the tobacco  changes at the tip and the transition to the filter of the cigarette. Döscher Microwave Systems has developed a special measuring module for this task. This measuring device can be used to determine the moisture and density profile of a cigarette without destroying it. These modules are used by a leading supplier of test stations for the tobacco processing industry.

Special development

Soda lime

Quality control in soda lime production with the MoistureGuard

Breathing lime production
Breathing lime production

MoistureGuards are used to control the moisture of the lime granulate in the production process of a well-known manufacturer in northern Germany.

The product feed through the sensor has been specially adapted to the material properties of the lime in order to prevent premature wear, damage, and adhesion.

The sensors are installed in the production line and continuously supply information about the moisture content of the lime so that production can be monitored and controlled according to these values.

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