Inline density measurement

DensityGuard for bulk density measurement

The DensityGuard has been specially developed for the online monitoring of industrial coffee grinders. It is a useful tool for any ground coffee production as it provides reliable measurement results and is designed for harsh production environments.

DensityGuard combines speed and precision in a unique way. A cavity sensor is continuously filled with ground coffee and automatically starts measuring as soon as a certain filling level is reached. Without interfering with the process, the sample is seamlessly returned to the product flow.

Our online analyzer works without radiometric emitters and can be operated without misgivings. The electromagnetic field is low power and non-hazardous. With no moving mechanical parts, DensityGuard is low-maintenance and reliable.

With extensive evaluation options, you are always in control. And our first-class online support is on hand if you ever need assistance.

By integrating our measuring system, you not only minimize waste, but also reduce your energy costs - a real benefit for your company. Immerse yourself in the future of production and increase the efficiency and quality of your products with DensityGuard!



Microwave-based density measurement of bulk solids

Continuous density measurement of bulk materials in food production. Useful tool for any ground coffee production.

The task

Determination of density in harsh production environments without radiometric radiation for monitoring and controlling the production process.

The solution

Precise and fast measurement of the density of bulk solids at temperatures from 0 to 70 °C and regardless of the water content of the product.

Simple operation

Software screenshot
Software screenshot

Humidity curve


The devices in the DensityGuard series are operated using intuitive software. All the steps you need are easy to perform.
The measurement results are clearly displayed.
Calibrations can be easily performed and visualized.

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