VenScan series

Inline moisture measurement of web-shaped products

The VenScan measuring system is the ideal solution for the precise monitoring of web-shaped and flat materials. It can be flexibly integrated into the production process and continuously measures the water content of your products without heating them. With a homogeneous measuring field generated by a standing electromagnetic field between the halves of the measuring head, VenScan delivers reliable measurement results in fractions of a second - regardless of the material thickness and density.

Our system is revolutionizing production control. Thanks to microwave technology, we guarantee precise measurement that captures both the core and surface moisture of your material. Your measurements remain consistently accurate regardless of density and with long-term stability.

Intuitive operation and the option of simple calibration make VenScan an indispensable companion in your production. With extensive evaluation options, you always have an overview. And should you ever need assistance, we offer you first-class online support.

Thanks to VenScan, you can minimize waste and reduce your energy costs - a real benefit for your company. Experience the future of production with us and increase the efficiency and quality of your products!

Features at a glance

Microwave-based measurement technology

  • Measurement independent of density and grammage
  • Very accurate and fast measurement
  • Method ensuring long-term stability
  • Independent of product color and surface
  • Measures core and surface moisture
  • Contactless


  • Automated process control
  • Up-to-date information on process control
  • Fast and timely detection of faults
  • 100% control
  • Fewer rejects


  • Measurement can be tracked on monitor
  • Simple calibration
  • Extensive evaluation options
  • Online support

Effects on
your production

The devices in the VenScan series

  • prevent costly production downtimes
  • enable product quality to be achieved more quickly
  • minimize rejects
  • reduce costs due to complaints
  • optimize use of personnel 
  • reduce energy costs

For varied conditions of use



Automated moisture measurement of veneers and laminates

The VenScan measuring system can be flexibly integrated into the production process, where it continuously measures the moisture and optionally the grammage in materials with a maximum thickness of up to 10 mm.

The task

Precise contactless and fast measurement of the product moisture during the process in order to monitor and control the production process. This ensures high product quality.

The solution

Contactless measurement of the surface and core moisture is performed within fractions of a second irrespective of the density of the material. Any fluctuations in the grammage and material thickness have no effect on the measurement result.

VenScan XL
VenScan XL

VenScan XL

Automated moisture measurement of solid wood and parquet

Due to its low installation and calibration effort, this measuring system made by Döscher can be quickly and easily integrated into the production process, providing accurate measurement results.

The task

A customer would like to measure the product moisture of a wood-based material that has a product thickness of 40 mm.

The solution

Besides solid wood and wood-based materials, the VenScan XL measuring system also reliably measures the moisture and grammage in a range of other materials. Possible fields of application range from ceiling boards through soundproofing mats to various types of wood-based materials.

VenScan XXL
VenScan XXL

VenScan XXL

Automated moisture measurement in solid wood and glued laminated timber

The VenScan XXL measuring system has been developed for large material thicknesses. The moisture in materials up to 100 mm thick is determined contactlessly and continuously.

The task

A manufacturer of solid wood with a thickness of up to 100 mm relies on fast moisture measurement during further processing.

The solution

Besides solid wood and wood-based materials, the VenScan XL measuring system also reliably measures the moisture and grammage in a range of other materials. Possible fields of application range from ceiling boards through soundproofing mats to various types of wood-based panels.



Automated moisture measurement at three positions

The TriScan system is an example of the wide range of special solutions that Döscher Microwave Systems offers its customers.

The task

A customer requires a further special solution for a production process under challenging conditions. Measurement at three points in the material is required.

The solution

With the TriScan, moisture measurement can be performed in three parallel webs of a large-surface board. Each of the three sensors outputs a moisture, temperature, and grammage profile of each board section. At the end of the board, each measuring head outputs the statistical values of the web it has measured. In this way, it is not only possible to control the process individually but also to provide full documentation of the production and of the different drying behavior over the width of the product.

Simple operation

MoistureScan software screenshot
MoistureScan software screenshot

Moisture curve


The devices in the VenScan series are operated using intuitive software. All the steps you need are easy to perform.
The measurement results are clearly displayed.
Calibrations can be easily performed and visualized.


See the inline measurement in our short videos

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